MPs battle of border opening

St. Catharines MP Chris Bittle is no stranger to sparking heated debate on social media. Not that long ago he did battle with a local business owner over the COVID-19 vaccine. Bittle went as far as to publicly post he would tell people not to shop at the place of business his social media combatant owns.

Earlier this week one of the MPs tweets caught the eye of his counterpart in Niagara Falls, Conservative MP Tony Baldinelli, after an article appeared in a Niagara Falls daily newspaper where Baldinelli essentially said he wants to see a plan in place so that the borders can open now that the vaccine is being rolled out world-wide. Bittle tweeted: “Local Conservative MP wants to reopen the border this summer, without quarantine, based on rapid tests that can be up to 30% wrong. Can we have some politicians in this region standing up for workers and residents rather than hotel owners?”

Full Story on The Niagara Independent

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