Tony Baldinelli Comments on Prime Minister’s Election Call

For Immediate Release:

Tony Baldinelli, Member of Parliament for Niagara Falls and the Conservative Candidate in the upcoming 44th General election, released the following statement today, regarding the decision of the Prime Minister to call an election:

“It is incredibly disappointing today to see that the Prime Minister has decided to put his own self-interest and that of the Liberal Party, before that of the residents of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie and Niagara Falls.  He has cynically closed Parliament today, as he did last summer, because he sees the institution as a nuisance rather than the people’s House, which represents the interests of all Canadians.”

“This minority Parliament has been functioning for everyone but for Justin Trudeau himself.  For the good of the nation and to make Parliament work for Canadians we have properly debated and passed multiple pieces of legislation even when opposition parties disagreed with elements of these bills.  In fact, in the last five-week session of Parliament five Conservative Private Member’s Bills were passed into law, including the Bill I seconded – C-218, which has legalized single-event sports betting, for the benefit of our tourism and hospitality sector.”

“We do not need, and Canadians clearly do not want a national election right now, just as our economy is starting to recover and unfortunately just as the Covid-19 fourth wave begins.  The only explanation for the campaign now is that Justin Trudeau thinks he can win, so that he doesn’t have to answer to anyone for his many scandals and bad governance.”

“Being elected in 2019, was the greatest honour ever bestowed on me and I will continue to advocate for the issues of importance to the people of Niagara Falls, Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake.  I will fight for Niagara residents’ future during this campaign, just as I have since becoming your MP in 2019, because we need to replace this Prime Minister and his self-serving and incompetent government.”

“I promise you this – I will continue to fight for our businesses and farmers on their recovery needs; I will fight for all their employees safe return to work; I will fight for our borders to be treated fairly; I will block the Liberal’s on their taxation plans; I will continue to fight for a clean environment; I will fight for our youth and their futures; and I will fight to ensure we get through this pandemic and into a recovery, as quickly as we can.”

“As Member of Parliament, I have worked hard to represent you on the issues our communities face and are concerned most about. I am deeply thankful and grateful to the residents of Fort Erie, Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake who have put their trust in me to represent their interests in Ottawa.”

I look forward to meeting with the residents of Niagara Falls Riding and in sharing our plans to secure our future moving forward, in the upcoming campaign.

Tony Baldinelli
Conservative Party of Canada Candidate – 44th election Campaign

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